Truth, lies and the Internet

There is a very interesting new piece of research into children’s digital fluency, which can  be accessed either from a link on the Evidence page of Heart, or downloaded from the Reports section of the Box files.  It talks about how children rely on the internet for their sources, and how reliable that is.   As a result of their findings, the authors strongly recommend that the Government put digital literacy on the curriculum.  However, they acknowledge in the report that there is no proper place for it to be taught, arguing that ICT probably has the strongest claim to teaching these skills.

However, many school librarians have been angered by the report, which makes no reference to them, and indeed the research did not include them.  Surely one of the core skills of any good school librarian is teaching digital/media/information  literacy.  We do this all the time, yet once again our skills are being ignored, even though we are the people best qualified for teaching these skills.

What do you feel about this?  Read the report, which has some very interesting and useful information for us to absorb, and then make your comment on the author’s blog here.   Comments welcome here on Heart too.

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