Ofsted and Libraries – watch this space!

Following the publication of the Ofsted report on Moving English Forward  there has been much discussion on the online internet group SLN about what this means for school librarians.  At the London Association of Teachers of English last weekend led by an HMI Inspector, it was emphasised that school libraries would feature in inspections of whole school reading cultures where literacy was felt to be an issue.  If attainment in English at GCSE and AL English are high, then the library will not need to be included.  What will happen, I wonder, to schools who have problems with literacy, and don’t have school libraries any more?  Is this finally the resurgence of school libraries that we have all been waiting for?  What is your opinion – does this Ofsted report bring it any closer?




2 thoughts on “Ofsted and Libraries – watch this space!

  1. Reports come, reports go (into oblivion); I’m jaundiced enough to expect very little. The Bullock report said many good things in 1975, and even got schools appointing literacy coordinators, but much of what was said then could still be said now (indeed, is being said now as though it were new). There is no doubt that some inspectors understand and value school libraries, but many inspectors do not seem to, and I should be glad to hear of some intimation that experienced professional school librarians are being brought in to train inspectors in what to look for.

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