Would you like to join in a Book Race?

If you are a school librarian in the UK, why not join in this innovative idea for a book race?  It is loosely based on an idea called the New Zealand Book race.  School Librarian Andrea Hassan from Norfolk has devised the race, and this is what she says:

“Each participating school will choose two titles to read in one half-term. At the end of the half-term they will post one copy of each book to the next school in the circle, and receive two books from the school before them. The cycle repeats, with different groups of students if necessary, until each school gets their original books back. The reason for having two titles is in case students have read one, or in case boys and girls don’t like one of the choices. This means that the choices could come from any of the genres including romance and horror.  I will design a review sheet to accompany the books that will include name and location of school, date book was read, student’s first name or initials, age and one line about what they thought of it. The aim is to start the circle in September 2012 with year 7s and/or 8s (11-13 years olds).  It doesn’t matter if you get a handful of interested students or a hundred as long as it’s fun and not too much effort!  Also, this is designed for the majority of students to access as there are usually lots of specific activities for SEN and G&T. There is no reason why a circle could not work for specific abilities though!  If you would like to give it a go then please email me asap so I have an idea of numbers in the first instance.”

If you are interested in this great idea, please email Andrea: ahassan6nrn@nsix.org.uk

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  1. Awesome! We would be really interested in how you get on. Good luck :—)

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