National Storytelling week at QEGS

School Librarian Val Dewhurst has sent these great pictures of National Storytelling Week at her school library – Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School in Blackburn.  The week long celebrations included a visit from storyteller Sue Allonby (pictured) who is a former teacher and librarian.  In addition, each lunchtime a different member of staff read stories in the library – which Val reports was a huge success.  This sounds as if it was a great week, and very innovative.  Has anyone else celebrated National Storytelling Week this way?





Custom built innovative furniture

Innovative school librarian Kate Garnett wanted some furniture for her library, and couldn’t find anything quite right in the catalogues.  So she simply decided to work with two Year 12 students as a ‘client’ for their AL Design and Technology coursework.  The results are below: a fantastic striking book return box; and a custom built magazine rack to fit an awkward corner.  Now why didn’t I think of that!

Brush up your Web 2 skills!

Have you ever felt that you would love to do some of the ‘whizzy’ things you see featured on Heart, like the interactive library guide featured below, but you have no idea where to start?  Then this course, 23 things, is for you.  You can work at your own pace, and it is based around trying one new library related Web 2 tool a week.  Register on the page, and you will soon be creating your own ‘whizzy’ content.  Enjoy!

Have your say on public libraries

Voices for the Library, a public library campaigning group, is keen to gather ideas for what a 21st century library service should look like.  As school librarians are experts in the field of teenage readers – as well as usually being keen library users ourselves – our views on public libraries would be invaluable.  So please follow the link to their site, and join the Facebook page, to join the very interesting discussions taking place around this subject.