Write Path International

It’s the time of year to sign up to the amazing collaborative storywriting experience that is WritePath: http://writepath.ning.com/  This innovative event first took place in 2008, the brainchild of then school librarian (now consultant) Bev Humphrey.  Last year 56 schools took part from all over the world, and it was an amazing interactive blogging experience.  Everyone who takes part is amazed at how enthused the students are about writing and creating stories.  If you haven’t taken part yet then head over to the website to find out more and to sign up.  You can be anywhere in the world – the further the better!  Hope to see you on there this year!

Excelsior Award winners

The winners of the second Stan Lee Excelsior Award have been announced – see the website for details:http://www.excelsioraward.co.uk/shortlist2012.html  This is only the second year that this award has won, but 57 schools took part and it is rapidly becoming one of the big events of the school year.  The author of the winning book, Tom Taylor, was thrilled and tweeted about getting the award.  This is an inspirational and unique award, the brainchild of school librarian Paul Register.  If your school did not take part this year, perhaps you will consider taking part next year.  The role of graphic novels/comics in children’s reading has long been neglected and ignored; Paul with his award has pushed it right to the front and shown how credible reading these books can be.  All of the books in the shortlist deserve a place in any school library – have a look at the website for more details and an interview with Paul himself.

Mass Lobby of Parliament on October 29th 2012 at 2pm

A group of school librarians are planning to lobby parliament for school libraries to be made statutory.  This protest is planned for October half term.  This is not a demonstration but a lobby, so you will need to contact your MP in order to be part of this group, or you can come and show your solidarity.  Barbara Band has organised a Facebook page – look for Mass Lobby for School Library Inspection.  We feel that if school libraries were on the Ofsted Inspection Schedule then that would force schools to keep libraries open and to think about their provision.  Please join us.  A sample letter to write to your MP is in the box on the right.  Follow the Facebook page or Twitter @schliblobby to keep in touch.  If you are not on these, contact me via this page and I will put you in touch with the organisers so you can go on their mass email.  Please publicise this as much as you can – we would love it if lots of us attend!  This lobby is supported by both CILIP and the SLA.  Thank you.