Embedding videos on your school site

The video player that I have used to embed the book trailers on this site is called VPFactory.    When Vodpod closed I was really upset, as I loved their embeddable widget and missed it from Heart.  However, this site is free and much better, I think, as you can make customised players which allow people to choose the video they want.  Using and uploading the videos is free and very easy.  I have made customised players for different book genres on my new school website, for instance.  I am not being sponsored for this by the way, just thought you would all like to know about a fabulous new tool for promoting reading!

Pinterest – collecting books online

Whilst I am at home during the summer holidays, I have been taking the time to update and increase my Pinterest lists of books.  These boards can be seen by clicking the button to the right of the screen.  I like Pinterest, for the following reasons.  It is visual, and therefore looks accessible and interesting on page for young adults.  It allows for one or two line reviews under each book for everyone who joins this free site.  You can repin the posts easily onto boards of your own, thus allowing students to make up their own reading boards.  There is also a really easy bookmarklet for your browser to make pinning simple. But best of all, in the spirit of this site, all of the boards are collaborations between many school librarians, so that our collective knowledge is pooled.  If you feel that you would like to be a collaborator in any of these boards (which then add themselves to your set of boards), then just follow me and send me a message asking to be added as collaborator.