Embedding videos on your school site

The video player that I have used to embed the book trailers on this site is called VPFactory.    When Vodpod closed I was really upset, as I loved their embeddable widget and missed it from Heart.  However, this site is free and much better, I think, as you can make customised players which allow people to choose the video they want.  Using and uploading the videos is free and very easy.  I have made customised players for different book genres on my new school website, for instance.  I am not being sponsored for this by the way, just thought you would all like to know about a fabulous new tool for promoting reading!

2 thoughts on “Embedding videos on your school site

  1. I love the look of vp factory but can’t play any vids on my iPad. Is this a known problem, or just not something you need at present? It is because they require Flash, which I know is not a ail able on iPad.

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