Christmas TV Schedule

It’s the time of year that school librarian Helen does all the hard work for us, and creates a booklet of Christmas book and film tie-ins for over the Christmas period.  Staff and students in all schools really enjoy this guide, and it is a great starting point for lots of displays.  You can download the guide in html form for your own website from Issuu, or you can download the pdf from the Box files.  Remember to acknowledge Helen for all the hard work she has put in to this!


How do you decorate your Library?

Isn’t this an amazing and inspiring picture!  I wish I’d thought of that!  This is a Christmas tree made of books constructed by school librarian Sally Todd, who is at St. John’s school in Leatherhead, Surrey.  It is apparently very sturdy, and it is a beautiful picture.  How do you decorate your school library for Christmas?  Do you have any beautiful pictures you would like to share with everyone on Heart?   Please get in touch and send in your jpegs.