A report from the Secret Book Circle

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During the 2012/13 academic year seventeen schools across Britain took part in a Secret Book Circle. The aim was for each school to send two books to the next school in the circle until they received their original books back. Students in each school, boys and girls aged between 11 and 16, read and reviewed each book and gave them a mark out of ten. School Librarian Andrea Hassan, who works at Old Buckenham High School, Norfolk, co-ordinated the programme.   In the Files section of Heart, to the right of this article you will find a map showing the location of all the schools who participated, and the responses to the different books from around the country. It is very interesting to see how books were received and rated by different schools.  If anyone would like to run it this year, Andrea will be very happy to pass the baton on, having initiated the project last year.  It looks like an inspiring project, and worthwhile doing again – anyone?

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  1. Thanks to Andrea for organising this. It was thought provoking to choose two books to send around the country and as a librarian to have fresh books arriving in the mail. Students enjoyed taking turns to read and review.

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