Visual Literacy discussion guides

Once again, Philippa Godwin from Alde Valley School has generously shared some amazing documents with us.  She has prepared lesson plans for Visual Literacy, and you will find these in the files section to the right of the page.  Again, she has generously shared them in Word so that you can adapt them to what suits you – but do please acknowledge her hard work and generosity in doing this for us.  A big thank you to people who are happy to share their hard work with us all!

Christmas Reading Times 2013

As compiled by the amazing Helen Smith, Learning Resources Manager, Eckington School, Derbyshire.  Helen puts a lot of work into this every year, and was sad to see her work plagiarised last year.  Please make sure that you acknowledge all her hard work if you share this publication around this year.  Still time for a quick display based on this!


12 Books of Christmas display

Eleanor Parker of St James Senior School London sent these pictures of her amazing display.  She says:

“The books are all linked to the theme of the day so ‘Five Gold Rings’ is Lord of the Rings, ‘Seven Swans Swimming’ is A Company of Swans etc – some are a little tenuous (So few YA/children’s books with drum or pipes in the title!) but I think that adds to the fun!  Under the flap is a short synopsis of the book and the cover.”

I think this is one of the most innovative Christmas displays that I have seen for a long time.  What do you think?12 books of Christmas 1 12 books of Christmas 2 12 books of Christmas 3

Stan Lee Excelsior Award Shortlist 2014

Stan Lee Excelsior Award

Regular readers of Heart will know all about this amazing Reading Award, now in its fourth year.  It is currently the only award for graphic novels in the UK, and is immensely popular.  Run by Sheffield Librarian Paul Register, the numbers grow from year to year.  If you wish to register, or just see which books made the shortlist this year so that you can buy them for your own library, then follow go to the website.

Bookbuzz Mini Projects

BookBuzzSchool Librarian Philippa Godwin from Alde Valley School in Suffolk has shared an amazing resource with us!  She has created a series of mini projects around the Bookbuzz books, and has shared them with us through the Heart Files, and generously left two not in PDF so that you can adapt them yourselves.  Please remember to be as generous back and acknowledge her as your source.  The files are in the Box Files to the right in a folder called Bookbuzz.  Enjoy this wonderful resource!

School Librarian Lyn Hopson amongst top 10 Literacy Heroes!

National Literacy Trust logoOn Heart we are really pleased to announce that Lyn Hopson from a school in Doncaster is one of the top 10 Literacy Heroes named by the National Literacy Trust.  Also Teaching Assistant Velda Jackson from Leeds was nominated by her school librarian, and made the list.  They share the honour of being in the top ten with luminaries such as JK Rowling and Henry Winkler.  Read the report on the BBC website here or on the National Literacy Trust website here.  Congratulations to Lyn and Velda – and everyone else on the list who is working to show that reading – and libraries – DO make a difference!