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Who is getting ready for Valentine’s Day in their Library? Helen Burns of Perth High School is as you can see from the beautiful displays below.  Helen says: “We bought heart-shaped stickers for pupils to vote for their favourite literary romantic couple, and in two days this section has become festooned in little, glittery hearts.  Katniss & Peeta are winning hands-down for now.  We have extra paper hearts for pupils to nominate their own fictional romantic couples – so far we have seven extra suggestions and a flurry of votes for others who clearly favour them over our own suggestions.  The books on display are about friendships as well as romantic love.  The Lonely Hearts quiz is also going well, particularly as we are offering a goody bag for the first person to guess all 15 (or as many as possible if no-one gets them all).  I was worried that this display might be considered too girly, but the boys are going for it every bit as much.”  If you have a great Valentine’s Day display, why not share it with us on the Heart Facebook page – either directly or by sending the photos in to me to put up for you.

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