A literary Tube Map

I was absolutely delighted to be sent photos of this display by Julie Aldous, librarian at Flegg High School. She has made a literary map of children’s books using the Tube map as an inspiration.  Julie tells me that not only are the pupils finding it helpful in choosing books in their preferred genres, but it is also a great talking point too.  I expect it is – it’s a lovely idea!

tube display 3 tube display 2 tube display

2 thoughts on “A literary Tube Map

  1. That is an epic undertaking – how brilliant of you Julie! I would love to see it close-up.

  2. We have also been using the tube map as inspiration for our reading lists since September 2013. Each line represents a genre and the zones representi difficulty levels. Enthusiasm for reading is high and our borrowing has increased significantly as a result of using the map. We now colour spot our books to represent their genre and will be developing the theme further from September.

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