Creating your own Literary Tube Map

So many of you asked me how Julie Aldous had created her Literary Tube map and if she had a template we could all use.  I am afraid that the display is hand drawn, but I did ask Julie to walk me through how it was created, so that it could be reproduced by any of us who were inspired to do so (me for a start!).  Julie also credits Matt Imrie for  inspiring her and helping her to find the blank tube map she started with.

To create the display:

Trace (or enlarge) a blank Tube map.  You can find one here or here.  Decide on which genres you wish to allocate to each of the Tube lines, count the stations on that line and draw up a list of books.

That is the display in essence, although it could be enhanced/varied in these ways.  You could have the ends of the lines as the harder, more stretching books in the genre.  You could also have the major crossing points where two lines/genres meet as books which can cross you over between one genre and another.  Julie said that lots of her pupils enjoyed following the lines and reading the books.  You could also, of course, create a reading task around this by having pupils read one book from every line/genre?  Anyway – if you feel inspired, go for it – and if you have photos, please share them on Heart.


One thought on “Creating your own Literary Tube Map

  1. Fantastic! Thank you so much Julie, Matt & Caroline! I will try and get pupils to fill in the ‘stops’.

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