Cadets enjoy World Book Night giveaway

WBN Cadets (5)

Sarah Masters from the Thomas Deacon Academy in Peterborough applied to be an institutional giver for World Book Night, and was successful in her bid.  This is what she did with the books:

I proposed to give books to our students who are RAF and Army cadets on the assumption that most of these are a)boys and b)boys tend to read less than girls. This was inspired by the books on the list which included Andy McNab’s “Today Everything Changes” and Muchamore’s “The Recruit”.


WBN Cadets (6)It was a great feeling watching all the students charging across the field after their parade to pick a book. It was also great to hear their Major stress the importance of reading and writing as these were the skills needed in the field not using phones or other tech as these wouldn’t be available. He set them all a challenge to read their book and will be expecting feedback on it. We also aim to follow up with a termly reading project based loosely on war themed books – possibly using the SLG World War 1 pack as a starting point.



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