Advertising books – in the toilets!

Lucy Atherton from the Mallinson Library at Wellington College contacted me with a novel way of advertising books.  She had taken notice of the adverts you see on the back of toilet doors in public conveniences, and had decided to experiment with advertising her books in the same manner.  She started with three of the Carnegie shortlist – All the Truth that is in me, The Bunker Diaries and Rooftoppers.  The sheets were laminated (of course!) and put up in both male and female toilets.  It has brought pupils in to the library asking for books they wouldn’t necessarily have borrowed, and Lucy is preparing her next set of advertisements now.  Read more about it on her blog here.  The photos are below, but due to the lamination and the nature of the lighting, they are not as clear as they could be – but what an amazing idea, don’t you think?

All the Truth Rooftoppers Bunker Diaries