School mobile library


Mobile Libraryjpeg

Does your school have a mobile branch?  Paddington Academy does!  Barry Chaplin, the librarian there told me that he: ‘borrowed a laptop and trolley (with 6 small trays and two big ones) from the Science Department, loaded the laptop with Eclipse2 and created a mobile library, stocking it with around 120 books from the boxes, the date stamp and its own banner. I had the good luck to have inherited an old silver security brick so was able to de-secure the books easily. One of the big trays was kept empty for returns which were booked back in securely at my desktop. The Mobile Library was taken to the breakfast club every morning and to tutors and English teachers who booked it for library sessions.

As a result I bought a trolley for the library and asked for our own laptop from IT Support. Five years on and the mobile library is still an important part of our offer (although less used than then). Recently I have started to use it loaded with single genre books as part of a tutor-time reading scheme.’

Anyone else done something similar?