Goody bags to welcome new students

Read bagsValerie Dewhurst, Head of Library at QEGS Blackburn, spends her year collecting little freebies and other items to make into these wonderful goody bags.  She presents these to pupils on the primary liaison day.  Inside the bags (which she buys very cheaply wholesale from this website) this year are: bookmarks, stationery, Aquila leaflet, WBD book (which you can buy cheaply by the 50’s), a wordsearch, a summer reading list – and anything else she sees which may be useful. What a great way to promote reading and libraries!  This would also be a wonderful way to welcome new Year 7’s, with an information leaflet about the library, a Dewey bookmark, reading diary – a bag to carry their first loan home in.  I am getting excited by the possibilities already – thanks for the inspiration Valerie!