Please fill in this short survey

Angela Platt from Ibstock Place school, would like our help. She writes:

‘Reading-for-pleasure is valuable – a plethora of research has demonstrated how it promotes well-being, increases academic achievement, improves job prospects, and develops well-rounded people.

Why is it, then, that during the adolescent years when such benefits are quite possibly most important, the practice of this activity decreases so significantly? I have spoken to slews of school librarians who agree – addressing the drop in borrowing and reading amongst teens, once they have read age 15, seems to be a mountainous task.

With a view to addressing this difficulty – (which perhaps some of you have already solved!)- a short (5 minute) survey has been generated. Please do take the time to fill it out – the results will be made available once a significant number of responses have been received.

Let’s practice our knowledge-sharing skills and share our own views on library usage amongst teens, including any ideas which you have found inspirational in your own library.’

Click on this link to take the short survey