Lighting the Future Conference

Did you manage to get to the Lighting the Future joint SLG/SLA/YLG Conference at Windsor this weekend?  If, like me, you weren’t able to attend, you can see all the tweets and get a flavour of what went on.  John Iona collected all the conference tweets under the hashtag #LTF12 using a free programme called Storify.  Many thanks to John for curating them for us all.  You can also see presentations and blog posts about the Conference here:

Shout About School Libraries!

CILIP, the SLA and ASCEL are joining forces for a new campaign to Shout About the value of school libraries and school library services.  We are all asked to join forces and talk about, blog and tweet the value of school libraries.  If you tweet, please include the hashtag #SHOUTABOUT,  and follow @anniemauger (CEO CILIP) so she can make our feelings known in government and wherever it matters.  Have a think about what you can do to support this campaign.  If you tweet, then tweet daily during the next couple of months about important moments in your school day, with the hashtag, so that the tweets can be collected.  If you blog, then send the link to annie, so that everything can be collected for advocacy.  And keep an eye on the webpages for useful information too.

Carnegie and Greenaway Award winners

Carnegie Greenaway winners 2011

Congratulations to the winning authors of the prestigious Carnegie and Greenaway Awards this year.  Patrick Ness won the Carnegie Medal  for the last brilliant book in his trilogy ‘Chaos Walking’, and Grahame Baker-Smith won the Greenaway Medal for the beautiful picture book ‘FArTHER’.  An interview with Patrick Ness in the Independent questions why he puts violence into his teenage books, to which Patrick has some very interesting answers.  Patrick Ness’s acceptance speech can be found in this article in the Guardian, in which he makes an amazing, passionate defence of libraries, and school libraries in particular.  Patrick refers to himself as ‘the child that libraries built’ and says ‘That’s what librarians do.  They open up the world.  Because knowledge is useless if you don’t know how to find it, if you don’t even know where to begin to look’.  The speech is well worth reading, and passing on to everyone who matters in your school.  It’s been a year where authors are speaking out for school libraries – Michael Morpurgo, then Julia Donaldson, and now Patrick Ness.  Lets hope Ed Vaizey and Michael Gove are listening!

School Libraries – a right

CILIPCILIP have produced a great message of support for school libraries, talking about the rights of every school to have a properly resourced library and librarian.  CILIP says that we ‘… make a difference to the students; [we] make a difference to the teaching staff; [we] provide value for money if that is the standard we must judge such provision by these days’  This is the link to the CILIP statement, which references this blog, and gives a link to CILIP’s official statement.  You can also download the  full statement from the files on this page.