Monk’s Walk School App Club

I heard about this amazing project a few weeks ago, and instantly contacted the Librarian, Adam Lancaster, to ask him to write this project up for Heart.  It is just the sort of innovative stuff that connected school librarians are exploring.  Alongside the App Club, Adam runs a New Technologies intervention as well, connecting students with new technologies in order to create reading strategies.  Follow the links to read about both of these projects in more detail, and if you want to know more, you can contact Adam on this address:

Tweeting an author

Patrick NessNickyAdkins, school librarian at Roundwood Park School, tells us of a really interesting author interview with Patrick Ness, recent winner of the Carnegie medal.

“On 22nd June we were lucky enough to arrange a ‘Twitterview’ with Patrick Ness, ahead of his Carnegie win.  Being relatively new to Twitter, he was keen to give it a go and we were supported by the new media team at his publisher, Walker.  Before the event, we agreed times and organised how it would be conducted, with just two people typing at this end so that the stream was manageable. We also agreed on a hashtag.  I also set up a TwapperKeeper ( archive so that I could record the conversation.  We packed our huge Carnegie group into a classroom and projected the chat up onto the board so that everyone could see what was said, and settled in with doughnuts!  I prepared a document with pre-typed questions that the students had contributed, which already included the relevant details, for example ‘@Patrick_Ness Abi – How could you kill Manchee?!  #nessvisit’  This way, I was able to alternate on the spot questions with those ready prepared, without having everyone waiting too long.  Patrick was fantastic, friendly and conversational, answering questions as fully as he could.  The event was a huge success and the students really enjoyed it, though took to shouting at poor Will, who was in charge of refreshing the page whenever notice of a new tweet appeared.  My one word of warning would be to not expect this to be a quiet experience at all, particularly with a large, confident group!  In fact, several students commented that they preferred this to a regular author event because they could talk all the way through and discuss the answers without seeming rude.  I’ll definitely be organising more events like this in future.  Our sincere thanks go to Patrick Ness for giving us his time.” 

If you are on Twitter you can follow Nicky on @stormfilled.