Evidence base

Have a look at some of these reports, all of which stress the importance of reading for pleasure and educational achievement.  A well run and professional school library can address these difficulties.

ReportThe Impact of Reading for Pleasure and Empowerment The Reading Agency June 2015

ReportChildren and Young People’s Reading in 2015  National Literacy Trust annual survey 2016

Report: The power of reading  Save the Children, April 2015

DFE Report:  Reading, the next steps: supporting higher standards in schools  March 2015

Sutton Trust report:  Subject to background: what promotes better achievement for bright but disadvantaged students?  March 2015

 Booklet: Reading for Pleasure – what we know works.  CLPE  November 2014

Report: Read On. Get On: how reading can help children escape poverty  Save the Children, September 2014

Report: The Impact of School Libraries on Learning   Research by Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.   October 2013

Article: ‘The neuroscience of your brain on fiction’  New York Times Sunday Review  April 2012

Article:Reading for Pleasure puts children ahead in the classroom.’  Report from Institute of Education September 2013

Report: Moving English Forward Ofsted March 2012

Report: Boys’ Reading Commission from the National Literacy Trust 2012

Report: Truth, lies and the Internet: a report into young people’s digital fluency. Demos, authors Bartlett and Miller Publication date 29 September 2011. Also available in reports section of Heart files

Article: School Library Journal September 1, 2011 Something to shout about: New research shows that more librarians means higher reading scores by Keith Curry Lance and Linda Hofschire

Report: ALA, The Value of Academic Libraries by Meghan Oakleaf   September 2010

Report: SLA, Autumn 2010 Effective School Libraries: Evidence of Impact on Student Achievement by Lyn Barrett

Report: The Drivers and Barriers to Educational Success by DSCF. April 2009. Compares achievements of pupils who read for pleasure beyond the age of 14 with those who don’t.

Report: Interesting Choice: the (relative) value of choice and interest in reader engagement National Literacy Trust, July 2008

Report: Ofsted, March 2006.  Good School Libraries: making a difference to learning