BookTrust to lose their funding

Booktrust logoBookTrust, that amazing organisation that funds Bookstart, BookTime and BookedUp, has been told that they are losing 100% of their funding.  Which means, of course, that no more Year 7 pupils will receive the gift of a wonderful new book, all of their own.  And no more young families will recieve books to encourage them to read to their babies and young children either. Many of those families are disadvantaged or have English as a second language, where early literacy skills are of vital importance. This is also the week in which The Guardian published a study which shows that teenagers in the UK have slumped to 25th place in reading ability.  This will come as no surprise to many school librarians, but to have one of the weapons we use to fight back with taken away will be a very, very grave loss.  Please share your stories of how Booked Up books are used to help the pupils in your school, and the activities you do around this event.

UPDATE:  The Government has re-thought due to a storm of protests, and is reconsidering funding.  See the statement from CILIP here: