Hampton Academy ReadeARthon Flash mob!

Hampton Academy in Middlesex have produced this fantastic video, based on the flashmob video ‘Gotta Keep Reading’ which is hugely popular. The original video, and this one, drew on the Accelerated Reader scheme to inspire reading.  The video took a lot of organising, and it features the librarian, Gill Duane, in the library at the end.  Well done to everyone who take part – fantastic to see reading celebrated in this way!

The Richard Dimbleby lecture

Michael MorpurgoHave you managed to catch up with the Richard Dimbleby lecture yet?  Michael Morpurgo, the Children’s Laureate, talks movingly about the rights of children – and the right to an education, including libraries.  He said “Children’s Librarians are the ‘unsung heroes’ of society, integral to a child’s rights.  Catch up with it here

Your School Library: Advocacy and Evidence

Your School Library logoYour School Library is running it’s sixth online annual conference.  If you haven’t ‘attended’ one before, then do sign up for this one.  They are always excellent – presentations go up on the site every day, and you have a chance to participate and download the presentations in your own time.  Librarians from all over the world present during the conference, and you get perspectives and ideas from all over the world.There are online forums for exchanging ideas, and it is always a great source for Professional Development.  This year the Conference is on Advocacy: Evidence and Image – which is what we all are interested in!  Click on the logo to follow the link to sign up – ‘see’ you there I hope!

School Libraries – a right

CILIPCILIP have produced a great message of support for school libraries, talking about the rights of every school to have a properly resourced library and librarian.  CILIP says that we ‘… make a difference to the students; [we] make a difference to the teaching staff; [we] provide value for money if that is the standard we must judge such provision by these days’  This is the link to the CILIP statement, which references this blog, and gives a link to CILIP’s official statement.  You can also download the  full statement from the Box.net files on this page.

World Book Night Giveaway

World Book NightAre you taking part in World Book Night giveaway?  Applications have now closed for this amazing event, but school librarians all over the country have applied, and have thought of some wonderful and innovative ways to give away the 48 copies of the titles they have chosen.  These are some of them:

Caroline from Blackheath Bluecoat school is holding a Reading for Pleasure evening, to which she is inviting parents and governors, with the chance to win one of the free books as a prize.  It is also a great chance for her to promote reading.

Annalise will be giving out copies of ‘A curious incident ..’ at a council run dance festival, standing outside in the foyer

Barbara will be standing in the forecourt of her local library to give out her books, and Shaun will be giving his out at a scout night hike and a beer festival!

Liz is asking her 6th formers to distribute them in the local supermarket and leisure centre, whilst Helen is giving out the ‘Life of Pi’ at Kingston Hospital that night

Marion in Sheffield is given the to Year 10’s from two schools in Sheffield and Barnsley who are to to Malelaea, Losotho, to give to the pupils at the schools there – a very precious gift of books for Africa

We are hoping to have photos of some of these amazing giveaways once the event has happened.  You could also buy a T Shirt designed by CILIP Vice Chairman Phil Bradley with the theme of Saving Libraries, to wear on the night – all proceeds to charity, or hand out a badge with your books.  They can be found here: http://www.zazzle.co.uk/philbradley

National Storytelling Week

National Storytelling logoThis week, 29th January – 5th February, is National Storytelling week.  What are you doing to celebrate this?  If you are doing anything exciting, please contact me and let me know so I can share your stories on the site, or add a comment to the post.  To find out more about the week, click on the logo to go to the site.  Bev Humphrey has created a competition that we can all join in for free on her WritePath ning.  This is what she says: 

To celebrate, and to try and encourage story writing I have designed an activity. On the Write Path ning I will be putting up photos each day of a roll of the dice with my Storycubes (www.storycubes.com) and I’m challenging young people (and adults!) to see if they can write a story using all of the 9 symbols on the dice. First photos are here:


Do join in with this activity, and let me know if you are planning anything similar yourself!