National Storytelling Week

National Storytelling logoThis week, 29th January – 5th February, is National Storytelling week.  What are you doing to celebrate this?  If you are doing anything exciting, please contact me and let me know so I can share your stories on the site, or add a comment to the post.  To find out more about the week, click on the logo to go to the site.  Bev Humphrey has created a competition that we can all join in for free on her WritePath ning.  This is what she says: 

To celebrate, and to try and encourage story writing I have designed an activity. On the Write Path ning I will be putting up photos each day of a roll of the dice with my Storycubes ( and I’m challenging young people (and adults!) to see if they can write a story using all of the 9 symbols on the dice. First photos are here:

Do join in with this activity, and let me know if you are planning anything similar yourself!

2 thoughts on “National Storytelling Week

  1. We’ve just had the author/storyteller in, Val Tyler – author of Time Wreccas and Time Apprentice. What a wonderful day as Val enlightened us all with such inspirational story sessions. I’d have her back any day!

  2. The prime thrust of National Storytelling Week is to celebrate spoken rather than written stories. A great opportunity here to welcome your less able readers into the library for a session in which their lack of reading ability becomes their strength, you will probably find they have a much better memory than those children who rely on writing things down, especially if it is in story form. Traditional tales were designed to be told and are often structured to make them easy to remember. EAL students may enjoy sharing some of their cultural tales with a little help from their friends.

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