The Richard Dimbleby lecture

Michael MorpurgoHave you managed to catch up with the Richard Dimbleby lecture yet?  Michael Morpurgo, the Children’s Laureate, talks movingly about the rights of children – and the right to an education, including libraries.  He said “Children’s Librarians are the ‘unsung heroes’ of society, integral to a child’s rights.  Catch up with it here

4 thoughts on “The Richard Dimbleby lecture

  1. I have sent the link to this lecture to everyone who works in my school – essential viewing for anyone who works with young people.

  2. I too have e-mailed my colleagues and asked them to watch it; working in the early years sector for over 40 yrs one can easily become jaded and cynical, but Mr Morpurgo’s words and passion were tangible and made me realise that I can overcome the bureacracy I have to work with in order to bring my own passion and fervent commitment that children desrve the best start possible in order, as MP states, to make informed decisions in their future lives.

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  4. You are an unsung hero yourself. I am a social worker dealing with orphans and I teach them reading and language classes at daytime. I bring them to local libraries and just spend time with them reading. I hope more and more people will join your notion in encouraging education for the children – the future leaders and heroes.

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