Using Kindles in schools – update

There have been a few questions recently both on this page and on the SLN Network about using Kindles in schools.  Initially Kindles seem to offer many possibilities, with up to 6 Kindles sharing one account, and many schools invested in them; recently Amazon have clarified their position. Amazon states that Kindles are for personal use only; and it is breaking the terms of your agreement to lend the Kindles and the books out.  For very clear statement of what the current position is, see the JISC Legal Team statement and the School Library Association statement (for members, log in and look for e-resources).  If you have already bought Kindles then you are in a difficult position.  If you haven’t, then consider buying Kobo’s or other ereaders which are not tied to specific accounts (Nook is tied to Barnes and Noble).  Until Amazon change their position, then using Kindles in schools may put you in a difficult position (UK).  Please don’t contact me with any legal questions as I am not a lawyer; please contact JISC, Amazon or the SLA.  This update does not constitute legal advice; if your school has concerns then it needs to contact a lawyer directly.

2 thoughts on “Using Kindles in schools – update

  1. Worrying. I have 6 Kindles in my school library with about 50 items loaded. We only lnd them out during Reading Lessons and at break times. Brilliant way of introducing kids to ereaders, kindle content and hopefully the print versions. Feel I am doing Amazon a service, but now worried my work is illegal. What are others out there doing?

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