An innovative way of sharing eBooks

books with embedded tags

Librarian Chigozie Nri from the East London Science School, wanted to make browsing eBooks more of a physical experience.  She felt that the students missed out on the ability to browse through eBooks the way they could through physical books. All of her students have tablets with an embedded NFC reader- a form of wireless technology which allows the transfer of data between enabled devices.  So Chigozie bought some NFC tags and embedded them in laminated book covers (see pictures). This way the students can tap their tablets on the covers and find out more about the books. They can also automatically download their books to the tablet – a fantastic idea!  At the moment she can only use public domain books like those on Project Gutenberg, but the project has been a great success so far.  It is a great innovative idea, and shows the way that school librarians are always looking for ways to promote books and reading, whatever the format.  Fantastic idea Chigozie!

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