School Library Camps

Are you going to a school Library Camp this summer?  This is a fantastic opportunity to network with other school librarians in your area, and best of all – they are free!  They also take place on a Saturday so you don’t have to worry if you are a solo librarian, or worry if you are not allowed out.  All it will cost is your travel to and from the venues – what a bargain!  The four camps all take place on June 14th, in Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow and London.  There are plans to link all four camps during the day with social media – Skype, Twitter, Blogs etc.  You need to get a ticket to the event, for number purposes, although, as I said, the tickets are free.   Tickets to the four events are available via Eventbrite here:



North West (Manchester);

Yorkshire (Leeds);

Scotland (Glasgow);


Book your place today to avoid disappointment!