Book Lovers Christmas trees!


Bookshelf Christmas tree

Book Christmas tree 2

It’s that wonderful time of year again, when I get pictures of amazing displays in my email!

Yesterday, not one but two beautiful and very different Christmas tree book displays were sent to me, and I love both of them, don’t you?  The first tree, minimalist on empty shelves is in Alderley Edge School for Girls in Cheshire and was created by librarian Ruth Wood; the second is in St. Mary’s Catholic School in Bishop’s Stortford and was created by the librarian Emma Halford, with help from the teaching assistants who suggested that she find a book with a star on the front  to go on the top of the tree!

I love both of these, and if you have any lovely Christmas displays, videos, or anything else seasonal to share, do send them to me.

Copyright Literacy Survey – please complete

Two colleagues from the University of Kent are conducting a UK wide survey on copyright, and they would very much like our help with this.  Dr Jane Secker writes: ‘This research is part of an international project originating in the National Library of Bulgaria and analyses have already taken place in Bulgaria, Croatia and Turkey (July – October 2013) and in France (January-March 2014). Further research is currently taking place in Finland, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Romania and USA.  We are calling on all librarians, information professionals or those working in educational, cultural and scientific institutions within the UK to complete this survey before 31 December 2014.  In other countries the head of the library (rather than the copyright officer) has completed the survey, but we would welcome multiple responses from people at the same institution. Please do consider completing the survey yourself, but also help us to raise awareness of the survey in the sector more widely.

The survey comprises 27 multiple choice questions and should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. The research outputs are intended to assist institutions and policy makers in identifying strengths and weaknesses in the comprehension of and engagement with copyright issues in the UK. This of particular importance during the current period of copyright reform.’

Please complete the survey – it doesn’t take long and it will help give the bigger picture.  We all are really keen, after all, for copyright, especially on electronic resources, to be sorted out!