Book Lovers Christmas trees!


Bookshelf Christmas tree

Book Christmas tree 2

It’s that wonderful time of year again, when I get pictures of amazing displays in my email!

Yesterday, not one but two beautiful and very different Christmas tree book displays were sent to me, and I love both of them, don’t you?  The first tree, minimalist on empty shelves is in Alderley Edge School for Girls in Cheshire and was created by librarian Ruth Wood; the second is in St. Mary’s Catholic School in Bishop’s Stortford and was created by the librarian Emma Halford, with help from the teaching assistants who suggested that she find a book with a star on the front  to go on the top of the tree!

I love both of these, and if you have any lovely Christmas displays, videos, or anything else seasonal to share, do send them to me.

2 thoughts on “Book Lovers Christmas trees!

  1. These are lovely. I feel quite guilty that my christmas tree is made of (recycled) book page from my last stock edit – not 100% sure tha sens out the right message!

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