Harry Potter Night at the Grey Coat Hospital School Library

We held a HP party for 60 girls, with decorations and activities.
Librarian Penny (aka Madam Trelawney) and her assistant (Tonks) had a wonderful time in the library on Harry Potter Night. This is her account of the time, along with some wonderful pictures.  Penny reports:


Harry frame

“We sorted them as they arrived, with a hat and badges in a bag, then they were photographed in a ‘Have you seen this wizard’ frame.
Then 4 prefects each took their house to a different lesson which were:
Charms with floating rings
Transfiguration with card tricks
Care of magical creatures with a bring-your-own creature competition
Divination making paper fortune tellers

As each 10 minute lesson ended, I cried “finite incantatem!”, and the moved on.
We finished with a magical creatures final, and party bags with re-packaged sweets, and very special bookmarks designed by my brilliant assistant.

We were totally exhausted, but it was such fun!   Already planning next year’s!”

Harry CauldronDementor chocolate 1 Hufflepuff Bookmark copy