One Million Minutes – are you taking part?



Can our primary school children really read for One Million Minutes in just two weeks?

 Leading education charity Achievement for All teams up with Peters Books & Furniture to launch the One Million Minutes reading challenge in Bristol, Bath and Somerset.Leading education charity Achievement for All and Peters Books & Furniture are asking primary school children across the area to join together to read for a collective total of one million minutes in just two weeks.

It’s hoped the challenge will help promote a love of literacy and put reading right at the heart of each and every school day. With a powerful competitive element, and the opportunity to win a great prize for your school, the brains behind the One Million Minutes challenge are hoping children across the area will want to be involved.

Children can register with the help of their teacher at

They are then asked to contribute the number of minutes they read for each day to the Readometer, which will keep track of running totals and show which individuals are contributing the most via the leader board.

If all that wasn’t reason enough to take part – there’s also a great prize to be won for the winning child’s school! Peters Books & Furniture are donating a brand new fully equipped reading corner complete with a range of fabulous new books worth over a thousand pounds!

 CEO of Achievement for All Professor Sonia Blandford said:

 “Just ten minutes of reading a day can make such a difference to a child, that’s really the minimum we as parents should be striving for. But we hope this challenge is going to see children doing far more than that. We hope all primary schools will sign their children up to the challenge, and celebrate literacy and a love of reading by makingOne Million Minutes part of the school day.”

Achievement for All is one of a coalition of charities leading the Read On. Get On.campaign that aims to see every child reading well by the age of 11 by 2025, and hopes the One Million Minutes challenge will encourage more children to read, and for longer, both at home and at school.

 The challenge will begin on 23rd February 2015 and finish on 9th March. 

  • New research by Read On. Get On shows the UK has the strongest link among developed nations between poor literacy and unemployment.
  • Last year a quarter of all children left primary education without reading well, that figure rises to two in four poorer children.
  • New analysis for the Read On. Get On. Campaign demonstrates how only one other country in Europe, Romaina, has more unequal reading attainment among ten-year-olds.
  • The gap between the best and the worst ten-year-old readers in England is broadly equivalent to seven years.



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