Are you up for a summer reading challenge?

Kathryn Houghton, librarian at Bancroft’s School in Woodford Green, created this wonderful summer reading challenge to get her Prep pupils through the long summer holidays.  This would also work perfectly as a transition project between Year 6 and Year 7.  The challenges are innovative and fun, and she has given me permission to reproduce her booklet here so that you can be inspired as well.  The original was in a Publisher booklet, so converting to pdf has muddled up the order of the pages – so please ignore that and just enjoy the challenge!

summer reading challenge

One thought on “Are you up for a summer reading challenge?

  1. This is lovely. Alongside this, and linking to your ‘go to the public library’ challenge, you could encourage your pupils to do The Summer Reading Challenge in libraries.
    It’s been going 16 years and .more than 800 000 children took part last year. It’s free, local and suitable for all ages and abilities. Stickers, certificates and a medal to collect. Lots of school resources for encouraging participation in the Challenge at the link above. Great for end of term lessons and transition lessons,

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