An introduction to Dewey from the Teen Librarian

It’s the time of year when inductions start happening for new students, or we start thinking about how we introduce the library to our incoming Year 7 students.   This introduction is from Matt Imrie, blogger at Teen Librarian.  If you haven’t yet discovered this wonderful resource, then sign up today!  Matt has created one of the best fun introductions to Dewey – in my opinion! – with this fun activity using the Dewey Decimal Classification card game.  Playable in several ways, Matt provides the rules and a free download of beautifully visual cards.  Feel free to use this resource – but remember to credit the Teen Librarian!

If you have any great induction activities you’d like to share, please contact me.

2 thoughts on “An introduction to Dewey from the Teen Librarian

  1. this is BRILLIANT thanks so much for sharing the DDCC game @mattlibrarian . I shall add it to my box of tricks

  2. This is brilliant and works well. I have used it lots of times over the years and tailor it to the groups I’m using it with…from matching cards in a form of pelmanism to really challenging them about which Dewey numbers they need to look for. The pupils love the Lego figures – and I always have to admit that I didn’t make them myself! Thank you for a great resource Matt.

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