Great School Libraries Campaign – questionnaire on the way!

School libraries aren’t statutory, and in the UK no one knows how many there are, or if they are staffed or funded. The Great School Libraries campaign is a three-year campaign which aims to change this – collecting data about school libraries as well as working towards securing school library funding; producing a national framework for school libraries and recognition of school libraries within Ofsted.

It is about ensuring that all children receive the benefits a school library can provide. To watch a video about the impact of a school library click here.

For more information about the campaign, or to sign up as a supporter, visit:

We are conducting a sector-wide survey of primary and secondary schools to better understand the level of provision of both learning resources and staff responsible for them. As you know, there is currently no definitive information on how schools are resourced – something we want to change. We would appreciate your help in gathering this information to provide a clearer picture of the situation and would be grateful if you could complete a short questionnaire.

Your responses will be treated in the strictest confidence and BMG Research, who are conducting the survey on our behalf, abides by the Market Research Society Code of Conduct at all times.

The survey will be sent to schools shortly and will be open between Monday 25th February to Friday 29thMarch. If you want to make sure this survey has been completed on behalf of your school please do get in touch with Jamie Lawson, Research Executive at BMG Research, via e-mail at Alternatively, you can contact him via phone at 0121 333 6006.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the Great School Libraries Campaign, please contact Alison Tarrant, Chair of the GSL working group via e-mail at

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3 thoughts on “Great School Libraries Campaign – questionnaire on the way!

  1. Someone said this doesn’t apply to Scottish School Libraries – which seems a wee bit stupid as then you have no idea what’s available in one of the devolved nations. Is this true?

  2. Hello Angela – when we were planning the questionnaire more than a year ago, a report was published about Scottish school libraries, based on a questionnaire. Many of the questions were very similar to the ones we are asking, and so it was felt that we could use the dataset from that questionnaire to go alongside the rest. However, I know that the situation has changed for Scottish school libraries since the report was published and the team is looking into the possibility of extending the research into Scotland as well.

  3. That would be great as 1) I don’t remember filling in a questionnaire but then that might be because we were so busy fighting for our jobs that 2) we have drastically changed here in Moray where one Librarian covers 2 schools – 2 days a week for small schools and 3 days for large schools except for the one school where the head was determined to keep his award winning librarian full time and found money from within school to keep her on. I don’t think we were the only authority that faced cuts like this.

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