What do School Librarians do all day?

I made this video  quite a few years ago, but it is still relevant.  Featuring the sadly missed Tommy Donbavand on an author visit to my school.  Enjoy¬!

2 thoughts on “What do School Librarians do all day?

  1. That’s fabulous, but I think curating the books – making sure they are kept up-to-date and in good condition and getting rid of old stock is something that is really very important, takes a lot of time and is so overlooked. If the books don’t look nice, if there isn’t a good selection, constantly updated then people won’t be as keen to use the Library. Knowing the book stock is also key. I think this is a massively uner-recognised part of Librarianship – the biggest part that others don’t see as it is the bit behind the scenes – but a Library wouldn’t be a Library without it – as all those ‘community libraries’ will realise soon 🙁

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