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It’s the time of year when Open Evenings are happening, and a great time to promote school libraries to your parents.  SLG have produced a good leaflet to give to parents and governors.  Maybe you can emphasize what your school offers and invite them to use the leaflet to compare with other schools they are going around.  Get some good questioning going and support #GreatSchoolLibraries!  You can download the leaflet here: 



5 thoughts on “Open Evening leaflet

  1. Fantastic leaflet, but sadly I won’t be using this as there is a statement ‘is your school library run by a qualified librarian’? No,ours isn’t, but I do an amazing job never the less!
    I do underdtand why you are asking this but do remember there are quite a few of us out there who are exceptionally qualified, experienced professionals that do a great job.

  2. I understand why you are upset, however, the leaflet does say qualified, and not Chartered. If you are an experienced professional then you definitely count! CILIP and SLA have both been working hard to change old perceptions around the word ‘professional’ and ‘qualified’ Unless Chartership is specifically mentioned, then there is no reason for anyone to feel excluded. I hope you will be able to display the leaflet with pride, knowing that it absolutely does mean you!

  3. Great points made regarding Great School Libraries and a useful leaflet to give to parents highlighting just how vital well run school libraries are.Just one point, would you consider replacing some of your photos in this leaflet to reflect more diversity? I am a school librarian with over 80% BAME and if parents could see their children reflected in it, I think they would be more likely to read it. Thank you for considering my suggestion.

  4. One of the problems we have with the profession of school librarian is that it has been de-professionalised (with a resulting loss of status and salary) with many seeing it merely as putting away books, creating displays, reading to children, etc. We know it is far more than that but others don’t; and they often consider it is a job that “anyone can do”.
    One of the ways of raising the status of the profession is by showing people that librarians are also professionals, they undertake CPD, feed into all areas of the curriculum, support teaching and learning.
    You don’t need an academic qualification to obtain a professional qualification; the route to Certification/Chartership is open to everyone. If you are continuing with your CPD, applying what you’ve learnt to your role, reflecting and evaluating it then you are a professional librarian.
    I wasn’t qualified (either academically or professionally) when I became a school librarian. After a while I knew I was doing a good job and wanted a piece of paper to prove this (because, rightly or wrongly, we live in a world where those pieces of paper matter). It took a while as I had young children at the time but I got there and I’m proud of my achievements.
    What we are trying to say with the leaflet is ask if the school librarian is qualified in any way. If not then maybe investigate further – because if a school doesn’t invest time and money in training its support staff (including the librarian) then maybe the library isn’t that important to the school.
    The importance of the role of librarian should be recognised in all schools – and library staff should be given opportunities to develop professionally.

  5. Thank you – that is on our list for the next revision when we have finished the run of paper leaflets we have still to distribute.

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