This is what you’ve been waiting for!

This post is so eagerly anticipated that I have had people emailing me to ask when it is ready!  Every year, the talented Helen Smith from Eckington School in Derbyshire compiles this wonderful Christmas TV list – full of films made from books.  This year the design is even more stunning.  Feel free to download and share, but please ensure that Helen’s hard work is credited.

School Library Conference in Zimbabwe

Hosea Tokwe from Zimbabwe is well known to members of the mailing group SLN.  He runs a School Library month and Conference in Zimbabwe every year, and members of SLN help to fund this financially every year.  Hosea asks no money from the delegates, which is where we come in.  This year he has sent me a great report from this year’s work, which I have posted below.  Thanks to Hosea and his work, school libraries are being valued in Zimbabwe.  This is a great example of cross sector work, as Hosea is a University Librarian with a heart for school libraries.  Enjoy the article!

To contribute towards this Conference next year, please contact Elizabeth Bentley ( who will be only too pleased to help.