Hogwarts Express to Old Buckenham

Andrea Hassan, Librarian at Old Buckenham High School in Norfolk, shares this wonderful event with us.  Sounds and looks like a wonderful time was had by everyone!  (Permission was given for all pupils shown to appear on the website.)

OBHS Harry Potter Eve 2015 Library

After months of planning it was time for Old Buckenham High School students and staff to share the magic at their first ever Harry Potter Big Event this week.

 Forty seven wizards and muggles convened after school for an evening of fun activities designed to celebrate the books. The event started in the school library with students donning the Sorting Hat to be placed into the four Houses; Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin. Once OBHS Harry Potter Eve 2015 Sorting Hatassembled they embarked on a Diagon Alley Hunt followed by a Quidditch Tournament in which the house teams received points for each Quaffle goal they scored before the Golden Snitch was thrown into the hoop – no mean feat considering everyone involved had to hold a wand during play!

 After their zealous performance refreshments were served, with drinks in potion bottles aptly labelled ‘Wolfshane Potion’, ‘Flesh-Eating Slug Repellent’ and ‘Bubotuber Pus’. Students also made wizarding name OBHS Harry Potter Eve 2015 Quidditchbadges, decorated cupcakes and had the chance to earn house points in the Harry Potter Bingo and Quiz with the winning house being announced at the end of the evening in the Prize Ceremony. There was much rejoicing as Slytherin received the title ‘House Victor 2015’ with a staggering 610 points, 130 points more than Ravenclaw in second place. Year 7 student Tilly Rawling won the best decorated cupcake competition and many more prizes were handed out in the raffle.OBHS Harry Potter Eve 2015 House Points

OBHS Harry Potter Eve 2015 cupcakes


Harry Potter Night at the Grey Coat Hospital School Library

We held a HP party for 60 girls, with decorations and activities.
Librarian Penny (aka Madam Trelawney) and her assistant (Tonks) had a wonderful time in the library on Harry Potter Night. This is her account of the time, along with some wonderful pictures.  Penny reports:


Harry frame

“We sorted them as they arrived, with a hat and badges in a bag, then they were photographed in a ‘Have you seen this wizard’ frame.
Then 4 prefects each took their house to a different lesson which were:
Charms with floating rings
Transfiguration with card tricks
Care of magical creatures with a bring-your-own creature competition
Divination making paper fortune tellers

As each 10 minute lesson ended, I cried “finite incantatem!”, and the moved on.
We finished with a magical creatures final, and party bags with re-packaged sweets, and very special bookmarks designed by my brilliant assistant.

We were totally exhausted, but it was such fun!   Already planning next year’s!”

Harry CauldronDementor chocolate 1 Hufflepuff Bookmark copy