Report: The Impact of School Libraries on Learning



This is an excellent and important research paper, for us all to use for advocacy.  Good research showing that a good school library does impact results.  It also tells us what a good school library looks like.   Also good for showing headteachers why they should keep/why they should have a library.  And finally the report highlights the importance of digital resources, and the place they have to play in a good school library. Essential reading for all of us!

Christmas Reading Times 2013

As compiled by the amazing Helen Smith, Learning Resources Manager, Eckington School, Derbyshire.  Helen puts a lot of work into this every year, and was sad to see her work plagiarised last year.  Please make sure that you acknowledge all her hard work if you share this publication around this year.  Still time for a quick display based on this!


Leaflet promoting the school library

CILIPThe School Library Group of CILIP has produced a great leaflet promoting the difference a school library run by a professional librarian, makes.  This leaflet is suitable to distribute to parents, teachers, students and governors.  It provides a simple set of questions for parents to ask whilst going round a school library – if there is one- and questions to ask if there isn’t.  This is a fantastic resource which should be widely downloaded and distributed.  If you belong to any networks, please distribute it there.  The link to download the leaflet from CILIP’s website is here:

Duston School Hub booklet

Duston SchoolWhen CILIPSLG visited the award winning library at the Duston School, we were shown a copy of their library skills booklet that every student works through.  We were invited to take copies home for ourselves, and I was so impressed that I asked if I could share it with you all on Heart. As well as downloading from the Issuu site, you can download from the Box files as well.   Visit the school webpage here:  If you have similar booklets you would like to share with us, please email me on the Contact address.

How to Tweet

Have you wanted to dip your toe into Twitter, but been held back by a lack of know-how?  Well now you can jump straight in, with a new How-To Guide created by John Iona.  Beautifully simple with clear pictures, you will soon be tweeting away!  Have a look in the How To folder in the Box files on the right of the Heart front page, to download your copy now.  If you use or reproduce anything in any of the folders, please have the courtesy to acknowledge the librarian who put a lot of hard work into creating these resources.  Thank you!

Christmas TV Schedule

It’s the time of year that school librarian Helen does all the hard work for us, and creates a booklet of Christmas book and film tie-ins for over the Christmas period.  Staff and students in all schools really enjoy this guide, and it is a great starting point for lots of displays.  You can download the guide in html form for your own website from Issuu, or you can download the pdf from the Box files.  Remember to acknowledge Helen for all the hard work she has put in to this!


Do you get either of these great free magazines?

Do you get either of these great free reading promotion magazines in your primary or secondary schools? Read It is for primary schools and Booked for secondary schools – in the UK only.  The publishers state that “If any school Secondary or Primary wish to sign up they just simply need to send an E-mail with an address and contact name of where to send the magazines to. Alternatively you could phone us on 01293 763342. We also need you to provide us with the number of magazines you wish to receive – usually for Primary Schools we send out enough copies for every student, teacher and extra for their Library and for Secondary schools we send out enough copies for years 7, 8 and 9 and also extra for teachers and the library if needed.Regretfully, we cannot send any sample copies in the post but you can go to and download all of the previous issues.”  I take this magazine in my own school, and it is a great resource.  They are full of book and author information, as well as some great quizzes and are an excellent resource for promoting reading.  And best of all – completely free!