Cadets enjoy World Book Night giveaway

WBN Cadets (5)

Sarah Masters from the Thomas Deacon Academy in Peterborough applied to be an institutional giver for World Book Night, and was successful in her bid.  This is what she did with the books:

I proposed to give books to our students who are RAF and Army cadets on the assumption that most of these are a)boys and b)boys tend to read less than girls. This was inspired by the books on the list which included Andy McNab’s “Today Everything Changes” and Muchamore’s “The Recruit”.


WBN Cadets (6)It was a great feeling watching all the students charging across the field after their parade to pick a book. It was also great to hear their Major stress the importance of reading and writing as these were the skills needed in the field not using phones or other tech as these wouldn’t be available. He set them all a challenge to read their book and will be expecting feedback on it. We also aim to follow up with a termly reading project based loosely on war themed books – possibly using the SLG World War 1 pack as a starting point.



World Book Day – part four!

At LVS Ascot, the Librarian Sue Bastone ran the theme of Banned Books for the week, which she said really got staff and students thinking and talking about books.  On World Book Day itself Sue says: ‘Staff and students dressed up and we raised nearly £500 for Book Aid.  At lunchtime we had a World book Day party with a parade and student prizes and a fabulous cake with our logo on it.   We had a banned books balloon debate with Yr 11s making fantastic speeches in defence of their books.  Our highlight of the day was the unveiling of an amazing “Otherworlds signpost” made by our Technology Department.  The man in the picture is the DT technician who made it dressed as the Wizard of Oz which was the department’s theme for the day! ‘

staff book characters Cutting the cake for web Wizard & signpost

What did you do for World Book Day – Part 3


Tayo Agboola, Librarian at St. Peter’s School in Huntingdon, transformed the School Library into a Starbooks Cafe for World Book Day.  What an original idea!  This is what went on:

‘This year the school library wanted to give students a chance to redeem their World Book Day book tokens within the school – so the school library was transformed into the Starbooks Café for World Book Day, 6th March 2014. The school library was redecorated with colour-coordinated table runners, flowers, low lighting, and flameless tea lights to create a sophisticated and relaxed ambience – a cross between a book shop and a coffee shop. Students and staff could browse and buy books in a cosy atmosphere while being served free hot chocolates, cappuccinos, cakes, and biscuits. Scholastic Book Fairs supplied the paperback and hardback books, while a local business (Niche Comics) supplied comic books and graphic novels. Cakes and biscuits were generously donated by St Peter’s staff. The event was hugely successful with approximately 500 students and staff visiting the Starbooks Café throughout the school day. The best aspect of the event was that it gave students a huge buzz and thrill about the school library. Students experienced the library in a way that they hadn’t before, which greatly excited our regular readers and piqued the interest of our less regular readers. Based on its success, Starbooks Café will return on World Book Day 2015.’  

What did you do for World Book Day – Part Two!

Well, my previous post had not been up on the site more than 10 minutes when school librarian Chris Routh at Leighton Park School, an independent school in Reading, sent me pictures and info about their World Book Day.  These pictures were so beautiful that I had to share them with you all as well!  This is what Chris told me:   ‘WBD celebrations were part of our annual Book Festival, which also featured author visits and a day conference local school book groups about Writing for Teenagers.  We celebrated World Book Day with the help of our fabulous catering team this year, who rose to the challenge of creating a book-themed menu for lunch-time. Each item on the menu was inspired by a book or book title. We supplied bunting and balloons and copies of our #caughtreading posters to decorate the serving area. We were all surprised by the magnificent ‘enormous crocodile’ which greeted us at the entrance. During lunch students and staff enjoyed the challenge of an international-themed ( points mean prizes!) WBD Quiz. The event involved everyone in the school and created a great buzz of excitement.’  The photos are amazing, and the crocodile is fantastic!  Looks like a great day!

photo photo (3) photo (1)

What did you do for World Book Day?

Library Door

Slytherin door


Weasley door


On World Book Day, Eleanor Parker, the Librarian at St. James Senior Girls’ School in London launched an Inter-Form competition called ‘Judging a book by it’s door’.  The challenge was to transform form room doors with a Harry Potter theme.  This is what she told me: ‘I was amazed at the effort, creativity, detail and talent that had been put in to each door, it was truly awe-inspiring. Incredibly each one was totally different from the others. Doors included Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, a 3D shop set up with bottles and jars; Spider Surprise with huge hanging papier mache spiders; our very own St James’ Marauder’s Map; a brilliant 3D flying car and a 3D serpent; quizzes and riddles to solve, and heaps of genuine Harry Potter props! The pupils had so much fun setting up their doors and there was a real buzz as they all went around school looking at the other entries. I was so pleased that actually the whole school took part, including the Year 11s (with a bit of prompting from their form teachers!) AND the Sixth Form! Deciding the winners was one of the most difficult tasks I’ve faced so far as a School Librarian!’   Eleanor sent me lots of lovely photos, but sadly I had to choose between them and these are three of my favourites.  What a wonderful way to celebrate books – what did you do?  Send me in stories and pics – would love to feature them!



It’s World Book Day today!

World Book Day bannerWhat are you doing in your school today?  Do you have anything exciting to share with other Heart users – please send photos and stories to me, I would love to feature them here.  I love the World Book Day site, there is so much on there! Or did you take part in the Robert Muchamore live webcast?   How did that go?  Share all of your World Book Day news with other users of the site – hope you have a wonderful day!

Fabulous book bunting!

I just had to put multiple pictures of this beautiful bunting created by Annabel Jeffery from the King’s School Worcester, for a World Book Day display around her school. I am amazed at the hours and hours of work it must have been for her – but what an amazing result!  Students and teachers throughout the school were looking at the bunting and commenting – and no doubt issues have increased as a result!  What a fabulous and creative way to celebrate World Book Day!  What are you doing – anything innovative and special you would like to share?  Please email me at Heart and share your ideas with the world!