A Day in the Life of Alison

The morning started at 8am dropping off boxes of books to various classrooms around the school for our DEAR event in the afternoon. The library was busy until the bell went for tutor time, with students printing off homework and reading.

Dear displayAfter registering my form of pupils, I returned to the library to welcome the first class of the day in – I spent much of this time recommending and loaning books as students swapped reading books. At the end of the lesson I showed the students a digital resource I am considering subscribing to for next year. Their opinions and thoughts were really helpful as I try to measure how much it would be used. I spent some time invigilating the Junior Maths Challenge, so the Deputy Principal could nip to the loo! Period 2 was quiet, so I finished off a display of the Top 25 authors that have been borrowed by our students this year, and finished an accompanying slide show to go on the digital screens around school. I emailed my CILIP Chartership mentor to set up a date for a meeting as I haven’t been doing as much as I should’ve recently, so it will give me the prompt I need!

A busy break time ensued with students coming to get books out for the DEAR event. There was another English lesson in Period 3, with more students exchanging books, and giving me ratings for the book they were returning. I also did some impromptu training for two of our TAs on our e-books system, and we started to plan the bones of our reading intervention scheme for next year. During period 4 I updated the library policy, and sent on some information I’d received about an EAL training day. I ended a Scholastic book club and decided where to spend the rewards while having some lunch – choosing free books is guaranteed to put a smile on any librarian’s face!

Over lunchtime my pupil Library helper returned and re-shelved some books while I wandered around the library, chasing overdue books, and ensuring the students’ best behaviour!

teacher readingDuring period 5, with another library lesson in, the buzzer to indicate the start of DEAR sounded, and the students were reading beautifully – no such chance for me though – off on a trot around school to try and catch all the readers in the act! It is so nice to walk around school and see staff and student alike engrossed in their books. Hopefully it will generate some conversations and recommendations.

Now, all that’s left to do is finish the slideshow for the digital screens, incorporating the bit I did from earlier with what’s already there and then put the finishing touches to a Whole School Reading Plan that I’ve been working on. From 3pm the library will fill up again and I will use the quieter moments to catch up on some reading (currently reading the Carnegie shortlist, but I find reading while students are around is great for generating discussions and getting them enthused about books) while my Library helpers return the books and then do some labelling or a display. It will get quieter and quieter until at four thirty I ask the last few pupils to pack up and head home.

That is my day. Tomorrow is likely to be completely different, but there really isn’t anything I would rather be doing!

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