Making a difference

Reading competiton


School Librarians across the UK are doing some fantastic work.  Often this is only known about by their school or schools in the immediate area.  One of the aims of this website is to showcase the amazing work that is going on around the country, so that you can be inspired by the way the school librarians are quietly working to help improve the literacy and life chances of pupils up and down the country.  The National Literacy Trust tells us that:


‘Having poor literacy skills, coupled with low parental expectations and poor self-esteem, can have a profound effect on educational life chances, employability and social cohesion. Children suffer from the social exclusion of their parents: the difference in achievement can be seen in children as young as 22 months, and the gap gets wider the older they get. ‘ (see here for link)


School librarians are working to improve literacy skills by enthusing pupils to read books for pleasure, arranging author visits, using reading schemes to raise reading ages, helping with research skills and teaching pupils to find appropriate resources – and many other ways to enhance the life chances of pupils so that they do not suffer from social exclusion and poor literacy skills.  Please visit our What We Do pages to see some of the examples of how school librarians put this into practice throughout the UK.