National Storytelling Week

National Storytelling logoThis week, 29th January – 5th February, is National Storytelling week.  What are you doing to celebrate this?  If you are doing anything exciting, please contact me and let me know so I can share your stories on the site, or add a comment to the post.  To find out more about the week, click on the logo to go to the site.  Bev Humphrey has created a competition that we can all join in for free on her WritePath ning.  This is what she says: 

To celebrate, and to try and encourage story writing I have designed an activity. On the Write Path ning I will be putting up photos each day of a roll of the dice with my Storycubes ( and I’m challenging young people (and adults!) to see if they can write a story using all of the 9 symbols on the dice. First photos are here:

Do join in with this activity, and let me know if you are planning anything similar yourself!