EPQ and International Baccaulaureate

The Library is absolutely fundamental to the effective teaching of the Extended Project Qualification and the International Baccalaureate’s Extended Essay. Both are rooted in the skills of effective research. Universities and employers have recognised the very real need for young people to understand and navigate the complexities of the rapidly changing information landscape if they are to succeed, yet too often these skills are overlooked in schools. But doing the EPQ or Extended Essay without using a Library is like trying to walk without a skeleton. You won’t get far.


Librarians are information experts. I teach students the skills they’ll need to succeed at University and in the workplace. Such as: how to ask the right questions, use the right resources and synthesise information to produce greater knowledge and understanding. And how to research in an ethical manner, recognise bias, and learn independently. Ultimately, Librarians teach how to THINK, rather than surf, how to STAND TALL rather than suck the spoon, and how to CREATE, rather than copy and paste. Students that use their Libraries do better than those that don’t – and that’s the bottom line.


“Thanks for all your help, it was truly priceless.” Paul, Yr 13


Jo Sennitt, Librarian Groby Community College, Leicestershire


 War Memorial school library, Bromley


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