Helping students plan for their revision

Bishop Challoner revision site

One of the ways in which school librarians help students and add value to their learning, is to help with revision skills.  Sometimes this can be by stocking multiple copies of revision guides in the library; sometimes a list of websites which are useful for revision, or tools such as Evernote and Dropbox.  This is an example of an outstanding contribution by a school librarian at Bishop Challoner Catholic College.  If you visit the website:  you will see that the Librarian, Helen Burton, has constructed an entire website helping pupils build up their study skills and revision tactics.  It is an extremely valuable contribution to the life of her school – and a very useful tool for the rest of us to promote to our students as well.  This is exactly the type of value that school librarians add to a school, and stands as an outstanding contribution to practice.  If you know of any other websites which are similar to this, which will also help students develop their study and revision skills, please add them in the comment box – particularly if they have been developed by school librarians!

5 thoughts on “Helping students plan for their revision

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  2. Thank you for recommending this site – this is exactly what I have been looking for to help me to support students at my school.

  3. This is really inspiring work by Helen. It’s always impressive to hear of somebody going way beyond their job description purely to help others. As well as providing a quality service, this sort of practice is hugely influential in terms of job satisfaction- you get a real sense of achievement from knowing that your work has made a difference.

  4. I know how challenging revisions are and feels good to know that librarians do what is beyond their duties just to help students in making good revisions. This is an inspiring story and thank you for sharing. This is one good service that everyone should promote.

  5. It is absolutely essential to instil the ideas of revision into the students. Librarians all over the world are playing the vital role of doing so, and we fully appreciate them for this.

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