Year 10 work experience and Information Literacy Skills

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Year 10 Work Experience linked to Information Literacy



I was asked to lead a session for year 10 in preparation for their work experience, organised as part of the Academy’s trip in programme.   The theme for my session was to be the effective use of information, linking in with their development of being information competent learners.  This would be an opportunity to work with year 10 pupils, demonstrating the importance of being competent at utilising information effectively in relation to a particular life-skill.  It would help to highlight how using information effectively can save time and prove very useful in their everyday lives.


In planning the session, I decided that I would highlight the use of information before, during and after their work experience, so that by the end of the session the outcomes would be:


They knew where they had to go for their placement


They had planned their journey for how to get there


They understood the sensitive nature of certain information in a work-context


They reflected on how they would reflect upon, and share, their experience of work


They knew where to go for more information on careers-related issues


The presentation I put together to teach from is below, along with the worksheet that each pupil would complete is at

The worksheet is at .


So what?


These sessions provided me with the opportunity to contribute to the Academy’s programme of trips.  In terms of the Library and Librarian, it meant I was able to provide pupils with the chance to practically apply information skills within a “real-life” context, therefore reflecting the relevance these skills, and the Librarian, have to their everyday lives.


In terms of my own development, it gave me the opportunity to develop a teaching session aimed at year 10 pupils, whom I currently do not work with on a regular basis.  I was able to plan a 50-minute session, which would link in with the information competency, which would result in practical outcomes.  Having delivered the sessions, I realise now that I had planned too much to fit into the time allocated.  In this sense, I have learnt that I need to allow more time than I envisage for each activity or stage, or to perhaps plan the lesson to 10 minutes less than the actual allocation to cater for any overspill.


What next?


The experience has given me confidence in planning and leading a session, in the context of the Academy’s trip-in programme, with year 10 pupils.  It has helped me to identify features of information literacy that directly relate to a very practical, specific need and to develop a taught session around that need.


Overall, it was a valuable opportunity to build on my capacity as a teacher-Librarian, demonstrating the relevance of the Library and information skills to pupils and staff.  I can consider it a successful activity, having recently been asked to deliver a session for the next year 10 trip-in, taking place in December.



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