Monk’s Walk School New Technologies Intervention


Using a range of new technologies, including Kindles, iPads, iPods, Nintendo DS’ and blog and creative writing using googlemaps etc we have come up with an Intervention program for students in Yr8 that show no progress throughout Yr7 and the schools other intervention strategies.


The theory behind the intervention is to utilise our research on the way secondary school students learn to read, alongside creating strategies that work on improving the problems students face. For instance although they know they should break down their words students do this to the initial sound then guess at the rest. They can also be set back by the length of a book, not being able to concentrate on one word at a time and skipping text on a page rather than following the text along.


The program has been extremely successful with the smallest gain in the 10 week period being an increase of 1yr 2months in reading ages. Other non tested results have included an increase in attitude to reading and writing, an improvement in their confidence and their handwriting.


Due to our success we have been given permission to extend the intervention to 4 students per half term next year as well as money to purchase more devices.


For more info please contact Adam Lancaster


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