Involving pre-school in a secondary library

King's School dolphin badge

A recent idea I had which is proving a great success is to start a small corner of the library for pre-school children of teachers. I bought a large basket and filled it with board books, picture books etc (I bought a few new ones but most were donated by teaching staff). I decided to call the group the Dolphins, and designed a simple badge, bookmark and stickers on the books (see picture). I then announced the launch of the new area by email to all staff and was delighted by the number who brought their children along for a first storytime session (with biscuits!). Stories were read by willing pupils who thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Further events have included a Bug Day (stories and activities with an insect theme), a Halloween party and now a spin-off French Club – Les Petits Pingouins. The wife of the acting Headmaster, who has young children, has been very active in promoting the Dolphins and helps to run the events. To my amazement I counted seven teachers in the library during one recent session – they were browsing their department’s shelves while their children were otherwise occupied. Some hadn’t been in the library before, so I think this was a big success.

Mrs Sarah Gray, King’s School Library, Canterbury

4 thoughts on “Involving pre-school in a secondary library

  1. This sounds absolutely brilliant! It’s a relatively simple idea which makes a big difference wihout creating loads more work. I wish I had thought of this but failing that – can I please steal the idea, Sarah?

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  3. Sarah,

    Good job in finding a fun and cost-effective way to engage everyone in the school – teachers and kids alike. It’s also a fantastic way to get kids to love books. In my opinion, kids do not spend enough time as they should in a library these days. More luck to you and the Dolphins!


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