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Annike, in Nottingham, shares what she does with her primary school:

Developing a curriculum for the primary school library

With our lovely new library came the task to ensure that this library would become an integral part to all the learning and teaching that takes place at The Elms. Our Head asked me to look at the National Strategy Primary Framework, at the existing schemes of work in our school and for specific library skills into these. I then created a basic grid but felt that any library activities would be far more effective if the teachers themselves had prepared them. So I wrote up a few mock activities and asked for an INSET slot. During the 2 hour INSET, teachers at The Elms tried the activities and tweaked many of them to suit their needs. We created a large folder and everyone was invited add activities they found useful. Many more activities and lesson plans were created between the teachers and the library staff to fit into the basic grid I had proposed. After just a term, we had a folder bursting with relevant and fun lesson plans that take little or no time to prepare. The expectation is that all classes visit the school library once a week and a minimum of one library activity is planned for every half term. This ensures that all children leave The Elms with a set of core library and information literacy skills as well as a good knowledge of literature and their own reading habits.


4 thoughts on “Primary School libraries

  1. I work for a primary school and would like to have a couple of kindles in the school library but would like to know where to buy books from for it. The school cannot use amazon.

  2. How can i evelop a primary school library curriculum an time table
    Can you help with access to ol books which schoos/ libraries want to give away
    My school is in Nigeria in Africa

  3. I too have been with creating a scheme of work for our library from EYFS to Year 6. I have trawled the internet for a starting point but without success so far. I have looked at the New National Curriculum but it is rather vague and wondered if you had published the scheme of work you came up with? I’m just trying to avoid re-inventing the wheel if there is something out there I can tweak rather write from scratch.

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